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10 Colleges Where Studying Abroad Is Common

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In his or her college and university search, a person takes into account specific criteria. They comprise programs and courses offered, tuition fees, accommodation, campus facilities, internships, and other things. The other thing should be considered, as a bonus, is an opportunity to study abroad. It is a well-known fact that most students wish to study abroad and live in other countries.

Perhaps, this fact is based on their wish to immerse in other cultures, learn new language or traditions, meet new people and gain interesting experience. To make such a dream come true, the applicants spend hours or even days looking for scholarships and grants. We want to help you by presenting a very simple way to find the top college for studying abroad.

Colleges that provide study abroad programs report to U.S. News about their offers to live and learn in other countries. With the current U.S. News Short List, you can discover which educational institutions offer undergraduate or graduate programs for internal and international students. Besides, by using such a list of college rankings you facilitate your search of courses for studying abroad.

Top US Colleges to Study Abroad

According to the annual survey, there are plenty of schools and colleges in the United States where people can study abroad. The U.S. News has set its own ranking criteria, which have to be considered when you search a place for studying abroad. Recently, there has been made a count of prestigious and popular schools among American students. It has turned out that around 1300 colleges in the US deserve attention. However, only a third of these colleges actually enable their undergraduates to live and study abroad. Due to this fact, the U.S. News has chosen the top 10 best schools in the country. Let’s see in which institutions you can spend time overseas.

The two premium US colleges that showed 100 percent of graduates studied abroad in 2015 where Goucher College in Maryland and Soka University of America in California. Both these establishments are National Liberal Arts Colleges. The other organizations that reported a bit lower results were Lee University in Tennessee, the Centre College in Kentucky, and the Goshen College in Indiana.

The U.S. News Short List had also presented a category of regional colleges who offered study abroad courses. They were the Huntington College in Alabama (79% of graduates studied abroad), the Calvin College in Minnesota (78%), and the Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina (78%).

The institutions that took the last two positions in the U.S. News Short List of schools were the Arcadia University in Pennsylvania (78%) and the Kalamazoo College in Minnesota.
All the colleges and universities presented above encourage their students to study abroad by offering interesting and exciting programs and covering their travel expenses. If you want to apply to any of the institutions, check out the information about the scholarships on their websites.

The U.S. News is a popular and independent university ranking system in the United States. It can be considered a database containing all information about universities, their academic programs and summer internships, campus facilities, career opportunities and other things. It surveys around 1800 US colleges and universities each year to help students and their parents choose the best place to study. With the use of its rankings, you may learn which colleges provide worthwhile courses, in which areas of study they excel, and what to expect after graduation.