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10 people who made a fortune with gaming

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When people hear the word “gamer”, mostly they imagine a person who is sitting in front of the computer all day round, has no friends and other interests. Of course, their parents are worried about their future, their education. Although, nowadays gaming has become not only the way to spend free time but also the way people can make money. If you are really good at gaming, then you can earn money monthly and also take part in various tournaments which will bring you thousands of dollars. Gaming has become a great market with lots of players, some of them even have own fan clubs. Let`s check the list of those lucky ones, who can do what they love and earn money at the same time!

Peter “Ppd” Dagger

Peter has shown himself as a great player and a successful leader. His analytical skills, understanding of a game has made him a good captain of DOTA 2 team Evil Geniuses. Thanks to Peter`s ruling this team has become the third one in the world. He is also one of those professional Dota 2 players who has won the international tournament and is today one of the most highly paid gamers in the world. He earned $2,081,844.36 from 44 tournaments and that`s not the end.

Sumail “Sumail” Hassan

Hassan is a millionaire being only 16 years old. He works with Evil Geniuses team as a midlaner. Hassan is a good example of those who have made fortune thanks to gaming.
Hassan moved with his family to the USA when he was 15, as gaming is the last thing that comes to people`s mind in Pakistan. He was noticed while playing online, and managers of Evil Geniuses contacted his parents and asked them to let a boy start his career in gaming. Hassan did his best, he helped his team to win lots of tournaments and earn much money. They won $18 million and received $6 million of it in 2015.

Hassan`s parents should be proud of their 16-year old son`s developing career and his fortune.

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

This young Estonian boy is a talented support player, he`s responsible and his team is always on the first place for him. He used to be a member of the Na’Vi Dota 2 team, and he has earned his million through prize money earnings.
Clement is number 3 in the list of the most successful game players. Now he is a player of Team Secret. He`s respected as a loyal, reliable player, with quick decision-making and analytical skills.

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin

Dendi is one of those 10 people who has earned his fortune with gaming. He`s famous with his playing tactics. He captures each mistake his opponents make and continues playing in the way not to let them recover.
Dendi is playing for Na’Vi team and he has earned $627,883 for 71 tournaments he took place in.

Lee “JaeDong” Jae Dong

Lee is considered to be the greatest Zerg players of all times. He started his career being 16 and played for Lecaf Oz. He was also awarded with Rookie in 2006. Lee got lots of achievements, he was the third to win Golden Mouse Award. He`s currently earning the most money of all Starcraft players. He won $611,000 out of 98 competitions. Lee gets the fifth position in our list.

Jang “MC” Min Chul

Jang is thought to be the greatest Protoss player of all time. He has won lots of tournaments earning much money for victories, $504,011.49 from 108 competitions, and this makes him a veteran in the Starcraft gaming.
Jang is famous not only with his plating but with some ceremonies and rituals he holds after winning the tournaments. One day he even dressed up like Undertaker, the wrestler, and that goes like showbiz!

Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok

Faker`s popularity began with 2013 OnGameNet tournament, he`s a national Korean talent. It was his debut in gaming and Lee showed himself as a struggling, decisive player and led his team to the convincing third place.
Lee is thought to be the greatest League player, although he is 21, he has achieved a lot and he has much space for development. He earned $479,762 for 26 competitions, and if average it`s $18452 per competition.

Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel

Wendel is a popular American video games player. He started his career in 1999 and since then has earned $456,000 for 37 tournaments. He was also written about in The New York Times, Forbes, Times and BBC World Service! Jonathan took part in different prestigious competitions.
Nowadays he`s an entrepreneur and has own corporation of video games production. He was awarded with Lifetime Achievement Award by eSports for high results in professional gaming. Wendel also has a spot in Guinness Book of World Records!

Moon “MMA” Sung Woon

Starcraft in Korea is something more then just a game, Starcraft players even have own fans who adore them. There`s also a thought, that people move to North Korea to start gaming career as well as people move to Hollywood to start acting career. Moon has earned $395,456 during a few years of playing.

Damon “Karma” Barlow

Damon is Canadian and one of those who have made fortune playing video games.
During some period of time Damon remained unknown and his success started after Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 season tournament. After this he got lots of victories. Damon earned $306,182.27 for 62 tournaments. He is one of the best Call of Duty players.