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10 Tips how to encourage student to be volunteer

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The world is driven by initiative and ambitious people, volunteers. Unfortunately, volunteer work is not taken seriously among many layers of society, but worthless. Increasingly, people who engage in volunteering hear: “Do you do it for free? It would be better to do something useful. Find a job where you will earn real money!”  However, such kind of activity can be a happy ticket to a carefree future. The open opportunities are one reason why we need to encourage more students to be volunteer.

By volunteering, students develop life skills and become all-around, competent and employable individuals. Here we give you outlook on some benefits of volunteering.

So, how do we motivate students to dedicate more time to such kind of voluntary work?

  1. Define the purpose

Defining the goal of why students should be volunteer is the most effective way to motivate them. Try to explain them how it is important and how they can make a difference in the world. They have to understand the real impact of volunteering. Just give youth the purpose and let them manage it in appropriate way.

  1. Lead them by example

As we know kids, especially teenagers try to follow all actions of adults. So, if they see that adults give their passion to the good and helpful things, they will be inspired to do the same.

  1. Let youth be more independent

When people are independent, it makes them to feel like they are trusted and by human nature, the more you trust a person, the more responsible he/she becomes. Grant youth the freedom of choices and decisions. Remember, no one likes being forced to do something.

  1. Provide fun learning activities

Most students believe that volunteer work is not interesting, tiring, time-consuming and requires too much physical strength. In this case fun is the best motivators. Add more fun to your volunteering by including different activities like games into learning activities. It will help you to create a friendly relationship with people you assist.

  1. Empathize with young people

Today, some adults forget to empathize with their children. It is clear, when someone doesn’t feel understood, he/she will never try to understand. Kids who are not supported by their parents become to be selfish and irresponsible and in the future it’ll prevent them to be open and kind person. Sometimes, empathy is all we need to encourage student to be volunteer.

  1. Provide positive feedback and recognize student efforts

Any voluntary activity should always be evaluated positively! Feeling unappreciated is the best way to kill motivation. It is very important to recognize their efforts and they try to work harder. It gives them more confidence in the actions. Parents and educational institutions should cooperate together to inspire and spread volunteerism among young people through various programs that are created for encouraging their civic behavior.

Create more opportunities for volunteering and stimulate youth to be more active and participate in such kind of work. Give them the purpose and appreciate their efforts and hard-working. Then, they will grow up as competent, social and well-rounded individuals and useful member of society. By volunteering, young people can be succeeding in the life, of course, if they choose the right path for a happy future.