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5 Types of Earnings for Students

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Carefree students years are the best and the most interesting period in the life of everyone! It is time of unforgettable parties, dancing at the disco, various trips with classmates and a lot of other exciting and bright moments. But how do students get the money for all these entertainment activities? Moreover, most of them aren’t local, they need to buy food, pay for the dormitory or a rented apartment. Agree, it is ideal world where students don’t need to look for a part-time job, but we realize that many of you will need it. Here we have collected together some ideas that might provide you with the easiest way to earn money while you study.


Tutoring is a universal way of making money as a student. It is not needed to be qualified teacher; you have already had A-level results in at least 3 subjects which you can teach younger wards. It is a great practice and a huge opportunity to share all your knowledge, skills and abilities with other people. You are able to find the work as a tutor on different websites or the advertisements in a few local newspapers. Get ready to deal with tired children who don’t want to have some extra classes.

Freelance work

Being freelancer it is a nice possibility to do the favorite work cooperating with interesting people. One of advantage is that you are able to plan the workday by yourself and also determine when to work and when to relax.  If you really have the skills which are required on the websites, then you have the great prospects in terms of finding well-paid job. There is a large selection of remote work such as web or graphic designer, writing blogging and others. Knowing languages you are able to work with foreign customers without leaving your room.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Speaking English fluently it is a good opportunity for students to work all around the world during the summer holidays.  In this case, you not only make a good amount of money, but also visit other countries. You need only to spend more time learning English in order to interview with the employer. In addition, if student knows English well, he/she can engage in translation of different documents, articles, specialized literature, letters etc.

Set up your own business

Maybe you feel that your own business is the most appropriate way to make money and be fully satisfied with life. Nowadays, everyone can start his/her own business from anywhere just by using the computer. Today, most universities provide students with entrepreneurial support in order to teach them how to start and maintain their own business. It gives a great and useful experience which helps you to make your own career successfully. However, you have to be ready that running a business will take you a lot of time and it will be difficult to do it while studying, but everything is in your hands.


It doesn’t look like a job, but it’s a good chance to win some fantastic prizes that can be saved or sold. There are a lot of student competitions which require particular subject skills and if you win one of those it will be also good for your CV.