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6 smart ways to soften communication with toxic people

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If you are tired of getting stressed by toxic people, look through the easy ways how emotionally intelligent people avoid getting poisoned.

Life is not a bed of roses and that’s why our everyday gets ruined by different unexpected events, like traffic on your way to tan important meeting, always nervous boss, and very slow cashier in the shop next to office. In addition to all this misfortunate, we all have to communicate with extremely unpleasant people. We face them and their lies and manipulation tricks almost every day and for some people it is rather more stressful than working during the weekends.

However, there are some people who know how to stay calm around annoying people. They are called “emotionally intelligent”. They can handle any pressure and poison people spill out on them. If you urge to become such person, follow these 6 simple ways on how to stay emotionally balanced.

  1. Personal space is a must

This rule is very simple: you can’t help everyone. Don’t let people around constantly invade into your life and empty all their problems on you in order to ask for help. Leave time for your stuff to do.

When you show your personal space to people around, you will that now they are separated from you. Also, this rule is a perfect one not only while talking about toxic people, but also while talking about your relationship.

  1. Don’t interact unless you have to

Easy. Super easy. If you can do something yourself, don’t join anyone and don’t let anyone to join you. If you don’t feel like talking or helping someone today, then just don’t do this. Don’t create the problem of toxic people when you can avoid it.

  1. Stay positive

Toxic people are famous for spreading negativity everywhere they go. They enjoy the moment when people around are unhappy. Don’t obey their desire. Stay in a good mood even with bad people. They will try to manipulate your feelings and if you see it, just politely go away. Don’t wait for the moment when they make you feel depressed and disappointed. Excellent mood is an antidote for their poison.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Known as a cliché rule, it really works. No article or motivating book can help you better that your own experience. I is your weapon in fighting against your enemies. Analyze yours and their behavior, make conclusion and don’t let them beat you again.

  1. Don’t take it personal

Toxic people always use their tricks to get you right in the heart. Don’t think that you are the one to blame here. Remember, all their words are simply lie to make depressed. So, just don’t react on their nit-picking and wait until they will drown in their own poison.

  1. Love yourself

Love is a feeling that makes you 100% times stronger. It brings confidence and respect to yourself, so don’t waste your time and learn how to love yourself. Just appreciate yourself of who you are and nothing else is required.