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A First Step in the Career

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Here you are standing with a diploma, having closed the college doors behind. When one door closes another one opens: there is the whole wonderful world waiting for you to step in. You have gained new knowledge and mastered skills at school and college and now it is time to use this experience at work.

The world outside the college is tremendous, leading to a wonderful adventure. Yet, it can be overwhelming to choose the right direction. The first job probably won’t be the job of your dream, for example giving writing essay service, but it is important to take it as a positive and helpful experience. It can become a first step on the career ladder to become a professional writer. Take it as an opportunity to develop the skills and a chance to enrich your experience.

Don’t set high expectations – in most cases, at first, it will be some routine job before you get some great and interesting task. You are a freshman, so it will take some time for the employer to make sure you are capable of coping with serious tasks. That is why the salary will likely be less than you are hoping for. However, think carefully: the salary won’t be high but it should be proportional to the amount of work you are doing. If the job gives too little income and takes too much time, there will be no opportunity to take an extra job. Try to balance the abilities with possibilities.

Take the Most of the Opportunities

Though, the first job may not be the one you dream of, it has pluses to offer.

  • First of all, you are gaining new experience. It can develop your talents and broaden your outlook. Maybe, if you haven’t found the field of interest yet, your first job will present you with a surprising turn, guiding to occupation of your interest.
  • In case it is connected to your career plans take it seriously, even if the tasks are simple and routine. The employer is watching to see how you coup with the tasks and what is your attitude towards the work, that’s for sure. Show yourself as a hardworking, reliable and creative worker and you can get an interesting and significant task when you are ready.
  • Wherever you will be working, it is a great opportunity to make useful connections. Even if you decide to change the field you are working in, you just never know whose help or advice you may need. Try to be communicative and get interesting acquaintances.
  • Stay open to the opportunities and self-development. Continue learning. Visiting professional trainings, sessions and workshops will improve performance at work and help your progress.
  • Play on a team. If you feel that you have time to help and proper knowledge of how to solve a problem – do it. You will gain respect from your colleges. Show your leadership skills. Don’t forget about listening to other; try to show that you are able to lead the team but give others a chance to stand out as well. Helping each other out will help in progressing at work and fulfill it qualitatively. However, remember that in most cases you have to rely on yourself. Helping others doesn’t always mean that they will come to help you when you need it. Try to be on a team but count on your own abilities.

Avoid Common Mistakes

It is hard to cope with the first job experience because it is new to you. Everyone comes across hardships and challenges. Try your best to overcome these obstacles.

  • There is only one first shot to show yourself at work. Make a good first impression.
  • Forget about excuses such as “it’s the first time I am doing it”. Try your best to accomplish the task successfully from the first time. It is natural that you can have some troubles. If you don’t understand something, ask someone more experienced for help or do a research on your own. It is okey to ask your boss for more specific clarifications: better ask before you start working than regret after you have made a mistake. In case you did few mistakes, accept this and make conclusions of how to do it next time. In no case offer excuses.
  • Act professionally – take the job seriously and work diligently.

Summing up, be enthusiastic. The world is giving you plenty of opportunities and chances – be prepared for them. Keep your eyes and heart wide open for new ideas, experiences and possibilities. Stay optimistic and smile on your way to succeeding.