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Busting 5 Most Widespread Flaws of Writing Services

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Today writing agencies offer more than just drafting a new essay tailored according to your requirements. They also go for editing and proofreading, they consult you and provide with samples, so you can put a finger on one more puzzling written assignment without wasting a truck of time.

However, there are services that are hands down the most shameful providers of essay solutions since the very internet business has been invented. You know what the saddest thing is? Students continue using such hackworkers without even realizing they are being fooled around!

That’s rueful, really. But if you’re geared with some basic flop-prevention hints, you’ll manage to figure out a malus element and erase it once and for all.

Flop 1: Your service offers “the lowest prices”

Cheap cheese is only to be found in a mousetrap. Millions of mice would tell you about it if they were alive. Hence, the lower the price, the worse output product you have. A fine writing agency boasts native English writers, perfect timing, lots of additional goodies, refund, but never ever it boasts low prices.

Flop 2: There is no support hotline, you can’t contact the writer too

As strange as it sounds, thousands of students stick to services where there is no support call center or anything of the sort. Yes, it somehow contradicts with the common sense, but as we can see there are people who stay blind to that danger billboard figuratively screaming, never use a writing service without a support hotline. What will you do, if your task returns underdone? Summon the troops?

Flop 3: They are ready to fetch you a new paper in less than five hours

Now that’s just insane. Well, ok, an expert can complete a standard 5-page piece as quickly as that. However, there are agencies that promise to master a 20-page research within a day. Still, there are those who throw an offer like that, and there are those who actually catch an offer like that. But since we are smart, we never buy hooey like that, right? Or do we?

Flop 4: Non-native writers who are “as good” as natives

As a rule, there are services with purely native English writers and services with non-natives who naturally charge less. Basically, it’s a tricky choice as natives can have poor writing skills and vice versa. However, it’s always better to stick to native specialists by defaults. It’s safer that way, plus the price of services is almost the same, so if you can afford a native expert, do afford him.

Flop 5: Unlimited revisions (which are quite limited, actually)

Having unlimited free revisions sounds fantastic. Revising your paper as many times as needed until it sounds glorious is a truly tempting idea many students are lured by. However, they somehow fail to read the footnotes written in a super-small font where it’s clearly stated that in practice “unlimited revisions” are limited to two weeks. After that, if you need more time to revise your 50-page epicness, please pay. Bummer, huh?

At the end of the day, you should be a wise customer. Have the feeling you’re being fooled or tricked? Do exactly what an antelope does when she sees a cheetah. Run.