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Emerging jobs

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Due to a great technological breakthrough and digital development of our world during past decades, the demand for new skills and knowledge at the workplace is growing rapidly. It is estimated that in the next few decades about 200 of new professions will be created. Here are several jobs that did not exist in the previous century, but which are very sought after at the moment.

SEO specialist

Because of the rapid development of a digital industry, Search Engine Optimization became very important. People who can help a company to make sure that the product or service is easily found in the search engine are highly demanded today. The competition on the market is very high right now, so hiring a person who can make your product seen by the vast amount of people online can be very beneficial for your business.

App designer and app developer

Many of us own a smartphone and in order to get a maximum out of our gadget, different mobile applications need to be used. This makes such professions like app designer and app developer very much in demand. Creating and promoting an app can be very lucrative. These professions are well-paid and are very sought-after jobs in IT industry.

Chief Listening Officer (CLO)

Due to a huge competition on the market, it is important to promote your product or service effectively. However, in order to be successful, the product itself must be good enough to engage the customer. In order to know what the customer wants and what needs to be improved, such profession as the chief listening officer was created. Being CLO involves listening to a customer feedback (either complaints or appraisals) and forwarding it to the organization’s higher management so that they could improve their product or service.

Blogger and vlogger

If you like to write and share your life experiences, starting your personal blog might be a good idea. Currently, it is one of the most popular online professions which is very profitable for many. Blogging does not sound like a job in a usual sense, but many bloggers become celebrities and earn substantial amounts of money. If you do not like to write and prefer to express yourself on camera, vlogging is an option for you. So, previously, being a blogger or vlogger was supposed to be a hobby, but now it turns out to be a lucrative online profession.

Personal shopper

One of the most sought-after jobs among young ladies is a personal shopper. Those who do not like to go shopping or simply do not have time can use services of a professional. It is very handy if you do not know what suits you best and just want somebody to take care of the whole process and save your time and headache. In our age of time restraints, it is important to look good no matter what. The personal shopper is the one who can help in these cases, so such occupation is in demand right now.

Several decades ago we couldn’t even imagine that the professions that we listed above will exist. Moreover, these jobs became so in demand that they are really well-paid and are a big business today. If your career path is not defined yet, check out the jobs that we mentioned. Perhaps, the profession you could not even think of some time ago can become your dream job.