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How Not to Deal with Stress Before Examination

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Exams time is the most difficult period for all students. Some are just now well prepared for them, some suffer from the lack of time, while others are too lazy to study or have stress. Having a little stress before exams is usual maybe for all students. But it is important to make yourself sure you do not fall into some traps provided below:

The Ignorance
Some students see stress before exams just as normal and usual thing. It is just something that should inevitably happen. To cut a long story short – no worries about exam, no sleepless nights, no late hours at the library. But this strategy, which seems so nice for some students, doesn’t prepare for exam at all. When the examination day comes, it is too late to start reading something. If you are an ignorer and this is the strategy you perform before having some exams, admit this. And, stop ignoring and start revising the material.

Blaming yourself
If to look at the another side, there are some students whose stress flows like a continuous process of blaming own self. In other words, students just give themselves hard times like “I am not doing enough”, I will never pass that exam” and something like that. Probably, it is familiar to many students. Of course, to some extent, it can be even useful to be strict to yourself. But, too much negative comments and accuses can also be demotivating. Stay calm and give a break to yourself. You are twice as smart as you think.

Too many ambitious or setting unrealistic aims
This issue takes us to the next level. Many students just think of themselves like being super-humans. Come on. You are an ordinary person without some supernatural skills. Don’t set yourself some aims and goals you are never going to fulfill. Be realistic concerning your skills and abilities not to be disappointed in the end. It is not actually possible to revise ten topics in one night – start earlier – don’t try to overcome your nature.

Forgetting about having fun and study breaks
Another common preparation style is revising till you die, focusing on studying only and spending energy on the exam issues only. Of course, many would argue that it is reasonable and good to prepare for exam. However, spending all days and night reading can affect the whole process negatively. You should take some time out and spend it by doing things you really enjoy. Give yourself and your brain a break to work better after relaxing. It will also be good for your energy boosting. As we know, “All work and no joy, makes Jack a dull boy”.

Consuming too much caffeine
Many students consider that it is a good idea to drink extra coffee, tea or some energy drink to be filled up with caffeine, thinking that it will surely give them a head start. Without doubt, it can help people not to sleep an hour or two, but no longer effect. Better idea is to make sure you follow a balanced healthy diet and full of foods that are slow-burning. You should not also forget about drinking enough water to make your brain hydrated. Sleep well and forget about having stress.

It is up to you how to prepare yourself well for the future exams. By following some simple tips, you can achieve your desirable result.