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How to Make Any Healthy Habit Stick

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If you feel that something needs to be changed in your life, probably you are right, and so you need to start acting right away. Building new and healthy habit is what might need to be done in order to enhance the quality of your life. Here are some tips, using which will definitely ensure that you build new life-changing habits that can actually stick.

Starting with small steps

Starting something is always not an easy stage, but it is extremely important. Obviously, the decision to change your life for the better is already a good thing. However, even with the right motivation, to begin something might be daunting and make you procrastinate. You might feel overwhelmed and this can result in you backing up.

Don’t aim big straight away and do not expect your life to change instantly. Just start with very small steps. Habits are stubborn phenomena, so developing and making them stick will require a great amount of patience. Moving with very small steps will make you see your progress more often, after each small achievement. This will help you stay motivated on your way to make a new healthy habit a part of your life.

Choose your pace

If you are determined to build and keep a new habit, you need to decide how fast you are ready to move, in terms of incorporating a new habit into your daily life. Depending on the energy levels and the traits of the character, some people prefer working on one habit at a time, while some choose to start working on several habits at once. Also, many prefer to take breaks and not to follow new habits for a certain time, to give the brain a period without pressure. Other individuals may feel comfortable to push themselves to the maximum until the result is reached. Choosing the wrong pace can be destructive for your decision to develop and keep a new habit. Make sure you choose the right pace and remember that adjusting it in the process is also crucial.

Celebrating small wins

Changing habit might be an unpleasant task, as usually, it implies the appearance of the discomfort in your life. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep yourself motivated in order to stay on track. Celebrating small wins will ensure that you do not quit and follow your determination to make positive changes. Different types of research provide different estimations in terms of the time required for making a new habit stick.

The most well-known theory is that it is enough of 21 days for the new routine to become a part of your life. However, some researchers quote 30 days, some quote 66 days and some even a year. Anyway, working on the bad habit takes time and effort, so without gratifying yourself for each small accomplishment you may sabotage your goal. As a reward for your hard work, you may decide to have an extra piece of cake, buy a gadget that you wanted for so long or watch your favorite sitcom for longer than usual. Treat yourself after each achievement and getting a new habit will not be so daunting and complicated. Appreciating your own efforts will boost your confidence in your own abilities and will make you want to accomplish even more.

We are creatures of habit and this determines all actions we perform during the day. If you want to change your life, change your habits. The strategies that we listed might seem basic and simple; however, they are in fact so powerful that not following them may result in failure of creating and keeping a new good habit. Be persistent, patient and, most importantly, always stay positive, and a great result will not keep itself waiting.