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Must have mind Mapping tools for every student

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If you haven`t mind mapped before, then you have lost a lot. Mind mapping is a good way to develop your ideas deeply, to show details and it`s easy to find mistakes and correct them on time. With various mind mapping tools, you can create websites or stories. It`s useful for every student to check out the information on the best tools we`re going to tell you about further.

What is a Mind Mapp?

A mind map is an easy tool to be used. You take the central concept and then draw subconcepts. You take the main idea and draw it in the middle and then draw the lines to the nodes. From those ones you can create more nodes. Thus, you dwell on the topic and match as much information as possible. You can add there everything you want. But the main thing is to stay brief, information should be short but useful and important.

It`s quickly to draw such a mind map, you can save it on your PC and then come back to it when you need. With this tool you can better visualize the data and get the main idea.
You can use Mind map not only for studying but for organizing your personal duties as well. If you want to organize a party, for instance, this will work too. If you need to write an essay, then it`s better to mind map which topics you want to cover and which headings you should use.

If you often forget to do some things, then this app can also assist you. To-do-list is a good idea for everyone.


Coggle is a mind map which you can use online with Chrome. It`s available in three types “free”, “awesome” and “organization”. We guess, you understand what free means. What are you waiting for? Try it out! You can use lots of functions there and different colors!


If you want to get a paid mind map, then Imindq is what you should download. It`s easy to get it to your computer. This software opens lots of possibilities for you. You can get trial version just to check how awesome it is.


FreeMind is a software you can work with offline, it`s a free one. Despite this it offers you a variety of functions, you can create what you want with it easily and quickly. You won`t regret.


This one is available also on Mac, so it`s a great news! This software is the best choice for visual thinkers, you can use clip arts with it and lots of other things which will turn your work into pleasure. You can cloud share your work via Google Drive.


This one is for those who like speed, you just type your ideas and the app does the rest of the work. Hit tab to create a new sub-node. Easy and fast, what can be better?


This app is more like a sketch board. With its help you can draw pictures which make your project more interesting. This feature makes Sketchboard one of the best and more popular mind map tools.

We can speak a lot about mind maps, but the best thing for you is to try them. Only then you will realize their usefulness. If you want to visualize your ideas then mind map is the best choice for you. Stay up-to-date and discover interesting tools for effective work.