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Photography: Reasons to Shoot Creative Projects

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A creative project is a huge amount of organizational work. This activity is indeed very difficult and time-consuming, because one has to spend a ton of money and energy. But successfully implemented creative project will certainly bring a generous reward. Let’s talk about some reasons why you should shoot creative projects.

Creative projects allow you to express yourself

In contrast to creative projects, commercial ones have a lot of restrictions. As a rule, a client states a clear problem to be solved. In such circumstances, there is no place for creativity and self-expression.

Here is a good example. Do you remember a novel 99 Francs by Frederic Beigbeder? There is nice episode, which clearly illustrates the difference: guys offer a creative advertisement to their boss, and he says: “I don’t need any creativity! The only thing I want is to sell 120 thousand tons of yogurt!”

In other words, a client usually has a certain aim, mostly willing to get a simple and primitive way to reach the mass market and earn money.

When you are planning a creative project, you take the role of a customer and a boss at the same time. This gives you a free hand to take any creative approaches to implement your ideas.

Creative projects allow you to renew your portfolio

Simple projects you create for your clients are not very suitable for your portfolio. You get money for them, but they will hardly attract new customers because they are boring.

On the other hand, creative projects usually touch the souls of other people, and they make you future customers excited by your personal ideas.

Improving your skills

Trying to bring your idea to life, you will apply maximum efforts to make it perfectly. Tumbling over yourself will help you to reach new artistic and technical level.

Moreover, you’ll have the possibility to try experimental methods that are risky to use during a commercial project.

Only creative projects can make you famous

The more original your ideas and ways of their implementation are – the more chances to be famous you get. This is the way to be noticed by your potential clients and colleagues.

Publications in journals and participation in photo exhibitions will increase your popularity. This, in turn, will raise your success in commercial activities, making the price for your work grow. The professionals will gladly participate in your future projects and, all in all, you will gain a status of a great creative person.

So be creative despite all the difficulties and you will increase your chances for success in any activity you take part in!