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Places to visit on college budget

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Being young is the best time for crazy ideas, adventurous vacations and new exotic places. It seems that you have everything for the greatest period in your life, except much money… But everything is possible, and even traveling to interesting places with law budget of a student.

If you want to travel, you will find the way to implement your dreams into reality. You can try hitchhiking, hostels, cheap food to save your little budget. However, some countries are really too expensive to explore them but you are lucky as we have made a list of 7 places which every college student can visit. Let`s check the route!


This country of amazing beauty, lovely nature and interesting history has recently suffered from some economic problems. That`s why the prices went down allowing more tourists from all over the world to discover this stunning country. Here you can have fun and visit lots of places for law sums. So take your chance to enjoy this dream-country!


Yes, it`s difficult to suppose that the Caribbean islands can fit the budget of a student, but this is true if you are going to Jamaica. This is the place with warm climate, beaches, sea and exotic atmosphere around! You will be impressed by this place and definitely like it, as everyone who has ever been here! Don`t hesitate, Jamaica is waiting for you!


This country is in the list of places which are mentioned in some illegal situations. It may seem weird, but it`s the place which can be visited by a law-budget tourist. That`s because of the economic problems. You can find here the diversity of things to do. Enjoy the mountains, coastlines, the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea! Here you will find a great variety of tourist attractions. The nature is amazing, the weather always makes tourists happy. You won`t regret visiting this country.


Don`t miss a great opportunity to visit the Asian country Cambodia! It`s another destination which you can travel to without spending much money. Still you will get unforgettable memories. This country attracts lots of tourists with its nature, temples and other cultural values. Despite the economic problems, each tourist leaves this country satisfied.


Vietnam is another sweet piece that a student can enjoy! Here you can see waterfalls, wonderful landscapes, temples, beaches, mountains etc. And what to say about the local cuisine, Vietnamese food is famous all over the world, you will definitely like it. The prices are affordable even for students! Why not?


This country will impress you by its combination of modern technologies with natural and historic heritage. Thailand is one of the most progressive and developed Asian countries. Here you can find lots of things to do. What do you think about swimming in the bay or jumping of the cliff in the crystal water? Guess all students will fall in love with this at comparatively low prices. Enjoy Thai sunset along with the tasty food. An ideal vacation!


Belize takes the last position in our list. This is a great place with tropical climate, warm Caribbean Sea. You can party here all day, all night! Cocktails, music, swimming – what most of students need for real relax. You can pack your things right now, as this place can be your destination as well.
Let your dreams come true, as you can do much more than you imagine!