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Reasons that prove biology to be important

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It`s well-known that biology is the study of life itself, it`s the study of living matter. This science also shows how living and nonliving matters interact with each other. The study of biology gives us an opportunity to track how various species of animals and plants evolved and survived through ages.

Moreover, biology is related with lots of others fields of studies such as food quality, ecosystem, environment, causes of illness and the medicine. In general aspect, we may say that biology has given us answers to the most common questions concerning the processes that take place in our body and in our world. Let`s check 6 reasons why biology is important.

Exploring your own body

Human beings are known as homo sapiens. Our bodies are similar to apes but have more developed shapes, speech and reasoning. And human`s body is a very complicated system which is difficult to comprehend.

We can follow and understand the changes which happen in our body with the help of biology. For example, when children become taller, cannot sleep at night, and change in appearance, this means their bodies are preparing for puberty stage.

Pathology is an important branch of biology which focuses on studying diseases, their influence on humans. This science can also develop new medicines.

Biology can help you choose a profession

We all know that biology is the subject that everyone should study at school. And that`s why it gives a chance to choose various careers. If you are interested in biology you can be a teacher, a biologist, a nurse, a chemist, a doctor, a scientist and we can continue this list with other professions. Biology has lots of branches, so you can specialize in which you like the most.
Even beauty therapists should be aware of basics of biology as they work with nails, hair, skin and other parts of human bodies, and they should be aware of all the nuances.

Biology can solve important issues

Biology can give answers to large-scale questions which are common in all parts of the world. It can provide solutions to environmental problems.

For example, if the country lacks food, then biological ideologies can be developed to produce food with the help of long-lasting methods. And we are all aware of environmental pollution, and biology can also offer efficient ways of solving these problems.

Biology gives basis for building a healthy biosphere where living beings and nonliving things interact effectively. Unfortunately, it`s we, people, who are the reason for other organisms` extinction. Biologists are working hard to restore spices on the Earth.

Biology teaches us to live

Biology is also important for our living, it tells us what to plant to consume, what food can be eaten and what is not for consumption. And we should know it to stay alive.
Biology has also provided useful advice on shelter building. And it tells us what our body needs to eat and how much we need to sleep.

Give answers to the questions concerning life

Biology can also give answers to some important questions, like: Where and how did life begin? Who created the humans? However, not all scientific concepts have been approved according to some religious beliefs.

Biology gives the way to investigations

Biology paves the way to human exploration of unknown things, based on scientific methods. Biologists conduct experiments which help them discover unusual facts about the world. They also have some expeditions to unknown lands to get more data on life.

Here are only a few reasons why biology is important. We should remember that it gives us an understanding on how our life changes and what the life of other organisms on the Earth looks like.