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The best college towns in America

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Years spent in college are probably the best years of our life. And much depends on the towns where your college is located, and what nightlife looks like there. We have gathered top college towns which you will surely like and which have everything every student needs, although it was not an easy task. Let`s have a look on our list!

Eugene, Oregon

If you are keen on sport, then you will surely like this spot. As cycling and walking are the most popular ways of transportation here. If you start your day with a run in the park, then this place is perfect for you. Eugene is a town of Oregon University which specializes in psychology and researches. You will always have something new to discover here. The atmosphere in the town is vibrant and inspirational.

Places to drink in: Ninkasi Brewery – Here you can enjoy refreshing flavors every day. Beer lovers will certainly like this place.
Don`t miss: If you are keen on classical music, then you are lucky. As every summer musicians come to this town for 3 weeks and you can enjoy live music.

Logan, Utah

Utah State University has developed a strong community. Freshman are offered 200+ organizations to join, so you will find what you like the most. Moreover, Logan is located in the mountain area, where you can ski, go fishing or hiking whenever you want. In addition, you can visit theatres and art scenes.

Places to eat in: El Sol is a place where you can eat delicious dishes and the prices are affordable. It`s also famous for its Mexican cuisine.
Don’t Miss: Bear Lake is a nice lake which a perfect place for Instagram pictures. You can enjoy the beauty of 18 miles of mountain range.

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz is surely the college town you have dreamt of. It excites with the Pacific Ocean on the one side and parks on the other. Students from all over the world come here and it makes this town like culture-mixed. This diversity leads to lots of interesting things to do, so there can be no doubts why Santa Cruz is considered to be one of the best college towns in America.

Places to eat in: Chill Out Café has been serving customers since 1997, and it`s famous for breakfast and lunch menu.
Places to drink in: Verve Coffee is a minimalistic café but you will be charmed with delicious coffee they serve.

Athens, Georgia

Athens is famous for hosting students from all over the world, and all of them are artists. That`s why this place is also called ‘Live Music Central’. Lots of theater, music and art events take place here during the year. One more important thing that attracts students is the price, which is lower than national average. If you enjoy studying and listening to fine music, then this town is a perfect choice.

Places to eat in: Mama’s Boy offers very special and tasty biscuits, so you even won`t regret staying in the line.
Don’t Miss: AthFest is a free three-days non-stop music festival!

Tempe, Arizona

Tempe is considered to be one of the best college towns. Students from Arizona State University make the atmosphere here lively and interesting. This town is also known for its developed industry, especially with aerospace development. In addition, you should note that Temple is sunny for 325 days per year. Nightlife here is also great.

Places to eat: The Yard – while some people come here to have a snack, others come to play table tennis and other games.
Places to drink in: Pitchforks & Corks – this place gives you a chance to chat with your professor in a friendly atmosphere outside the lecture halls.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Students from Harvard and MIT calling Cambridge live here, so we don`t need to tell you about the educational experience here. You will be impressed by the beauty of this town with its Charles River. Moreover, you can visit various excursions, including cultural, athletic and historic ones.

Places to eat in: Bondir has only 26 seats so you`d better book it in advance. Here you can taste seasonal dishes of New England ingredients.
Places to drink in: Lord Hobo is a perfect place for those who love beer.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is the town for the University of Colorado students. It attracts with miles of hiking and biking trails, so don`t be surprised to see as many bicycles here as cars. Business and engineer students live here, so if you dream to start your own business you can get some experience here.

Places to eat in: Half Fast Subs offers a great variety of different sandwiches along with the affordable student prices.
Don’t Miss: Shakespeare Festival is not like the classes of English. It will give you a chance to enjoy interesting stories. In addition, breathtaking mountains will excite you. Why not?

Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville is the student town of the University of Virginia, and this picturesque university is also located here. Wine and various dishes are as important here as sports. Even at night you can watch here some games.

Places to eat in: MAS is a good place to spend evening here tasting delicious food and beverages.
Places to drink in: Boylan Heights is a place where you can have a drink while watching some games.

Ithaca, New York

Ithaka is an urban place for students of Ithaca College and Cornell University. Here you enjoy breathtaking sceneries and drink good wine. There are lots of restaurants here. You won`t lack inspiration for different activities here as this town is a mixture of intelligence and artistic inclinations.

Places to eat in: Le Café Cent-Dix – here you can taste French dishes and enjoy the atmosphere.
Don’t Miss: The Gorges – you will look strange if you leave Ithaka without ‘Ithaca is Gorges’ item.

Austin, Texas

Austin is known as the most liberal town. The University of Texas stands in its center. Here you can find business establishments along with bars, restaurants. If you want to get new experience, meet lots of interesting people, the Austin, Texas is for you!

Places to eat in: Ah Sing Den is a new restaurant which offers Asian cuisine.
Don’t Miss: SXSW is a music festival, which takes place every year, and musicians from all over the world come here to share with you different genres of music.
We could continue our list as there are lots of college towns worth your attention. The main thing is to get everything what the town offers to you!