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The myth of the lucky college dropout!

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All we know these names: Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. They are well-known as the most financially successful people in the world. It sounds unreal but these two men were dropped out from the college. Following their lucky life-stories, more and more students decide to quit college or university persuading their dreams and passions. Moreover, these two famous Harvard dropouts may make you think that the Higher Education doesn’t matter. And this is obvious example of how many media stories affect the minds of people, especially youth.

According to statistics, the great number of the country’s success stories are college or university graduates, such as Marissa Mayer (Stanford), Sheryl Sandberg (Harvard) and Jeff Bezos (Princeton). Those who’ve achieved the greatness after dropping out the college are actually exception to the rule.

Recently, we’ve investigated how many of the richest people graduated college. We examined near 11, 755 U.S. leaders, including the most powerful business leaders, federal judges, politicians, multi-millionaires and billionaires.

We also studied how many leaders graduated from an “elite school”. Our research has shown that about 95% of these U.S. successful people were students of the college and about 50% attended an elite school.

By investigating, we found out that almost everyone studied at college, though elite school attendance slightly varied. For example, near 20,6% of House members and only 34% 30 millionaires were graduates of elite school, but over 85% of Forbes most powerful people did.

The importance of elite schools

Over the last year, elite schools considerably changed, they have shown an increase in selectivity and applications.  Our investigation proved that there is no difference between highly and less selective schools. Our data also show that doesn’t matter where you’re studying, if you are talent and ambitious student, you can easily be at the top of U.S. society.

College matters

Yes, there are a great numerous of people who are really successful even being dropped out from the college. It doesn’t mean that you have to do the same in order to be the leader of your country, remember that even Zuckerberg and Gates got to college. It’s true that going to university might not be the right way for everyone. Even if you are not striving for a large success, enter higher educational institution because graduate from college, elite school or university can open a lot of important doors.

Don’t drop out! Use this incredible opportunity to learn something new and improve your working skills. Today, most college graduates are in higher demand and have more career options. Soma data shows that people with college degree enjoy greater earning potential. It is only your choice to be or not be highly educated. Perhaps someone finds it superfluous to get the tops in life while for someone it is really necessary. This all depends on person, what are his/her life priorities and what he/she really wants to achieve.

Only the right decisions will lead us to colossal peaks!