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The Worst Reasons for Studying Master’s Degree

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Your bachelor program is heading to its finish line? The next step you’re thinking of is getting a Master’s degree. Sometimes, it’s a required step towards your career path, though, in some cases, you may give it a second thought: do I really need it? In case you find one of your reasons for postgrad studying on our list, reconsider your choice a bit more precisely.

”I do not feel like working yet”

Sorry to disappoint you but you’re not a Peter Pan and you haven’t moved out of Neverland the same time you first saw logarithmic equation. We all have to step into the adult life at some point and the slower you tear off the patch the more painful it gets. You may get surprised but the office work resembles the college routine a lot: you get the tasks, have some deadlines and fixed schedule. What is even more important – you get paid for it! Maybe, not as much as you wished for the first year, though, it’s only a first step towards your bright career.

“I am planning to work in academia”

At some point in college anyone can get very much involved in some extremely interesting subject, giving you an idea of a career in academia. However, do not forget that you don’t have any working experience yet. Having no idea about other opportunities waiting outside the college for you, how could you make such a decision? Take into consideration the possibility of discovering other job offers first. A master’s degree implies a lot of time and efforts and especially great commitment and perseverance.

You can take some time to try yourself elsewhere before making such an important decision. Think hard whether you have all the necessary features to pursue the master’s degree.

“I still haven’t figured out what to do with my life”

You won’t figure out what you want to do until you actually start doing something. There won’t be a better opportunity for you to identify what you are looking for in life than getting involved in the working process. Give it a chance and in case you find yourself not satisfied think of what can be changed – get a new profession!

”A master’s degree looks good in CV”

It’s a common misbelieve that a perfect CV has to include a Master’s degree. Indeed, the perfect CV concept is exaggerated. Usually, all you really need is to meet the employer requirements, have necessary skills and be able to perform all the listed tasks.

”An alumni network will help find a job“

When choosing a master’s degree make sure you are not wasting your time. An alumni network does not 100 % guarantee you a job offer after the graduation of neither bachelor nor master’s program. So, if the academia is not your dream work, do not waste your time and start looking for a job or internship opportunities to get a boost for your career.