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Tips for faster and effective learning

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We know that our world is rapidly developing. To stay up-to-date in all spheres, you should learn and develop new skills. Continual learning is the key to success of lots of famous people. We offer you to look through some useful tips which can help you absorb information faster and more effectively.

50 minutes or less

Scientists explain that 30 minutes isn`t enough for effective learning, more than 50 minutes is too much for our brains. So, you should schedule your learning process wisely. Take not much time for learning, try to make breaks between sessions. Our brain cannot work for long period of time if it should absorb much information at once.

80/20 rule

80/20 rule was discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, when he summed up that 20% of farms produced 80% of crops in Italy.
Nowadays this rule is used for faster learning based on modern approach. Tim Herriss says that we should concentrate on 20% of what we try to learn and they will cover 80% of what we need to know.

You should make clear what are the most important elements in the field you are studying. For instance, if you learn a foreign language, think well what 20% of words are used 80% of times.

Don`t do several tasks at once

Your brain is like a computer. And what happens when you have lots of tabs opened? Yes, it works slower. The researches show that if you try to complete several tasks at once, the quality will be very law.

You should avoid things that distract you from concentrating on the task. Close your email, turn off your phone and other notifications.

Change methods of learning

Reconsolidation is an important key that helps strengthen skills and learning, it`s the process when memories are modified with new knowledge.
The researches show that if you change your learning techniques then you will get information faster then doing the same things for hundreds of time.
Change the methods you use for learning, this will make your brain remember information faster and more effective. Concentrate on one task from several.

Find a mentor

Having a person who inspires you, who has already mastered in skills you are learning. You should find an apprenticeship as this is invaluable.
You can find master in the Internet and in real life as well who will mentor your way to success.

Take notes

Researches found that taking notes by hand develops more active listening and comprehension, you can identify important things. And while typing, you will surely be distracted by Facebook, for instance.

Take your pen and write down what you think is important. You will also remember this better.

Prepare yourself for a long way

We all know that after some time of learning, we lack time, money or inspiration and we are ready to quit everything. But you should be ready for this period in your life and get prepared.

You should remember that learning is like marathon and if you are persistent, then success is yours.
We hope these tips will help you a bit in the time of information!