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Top 7 Best College Dining Experiences

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Rational nutrition is one of the main factors that affects human health, its normal physical activity and full mental activity. Therefore, the dining experience is very important for some students while selecting the university. Every person believes that good food is essential to a healthy and happy life. Here we offer 7 dining halls the main aim of which is to help students to eat right and support their well-being. Their menus include died-friendly options, antibiotic-free meats, locally-sourced produce, vegan selections and other choices for every tastes.

Villanova University

Students here are really lucky because they are able to keep their healthy life eating completely organic and fresh produce. Most of food products prepared and sold by Villanova dining service are free of MSG, Autolyzed Yeast Extract and Hydrogenated Oils. Campus also takes care of people, who have a food allergy or food intolerance, it has created the website which help everyone to track the nutrition of each meal.

Villanova Dining is also working to decrease the consumption of animal protein. There is filtered water dispenser throughout the university.

University of Houston

There is offered online menu for Fresh Good Company and Cougar Woods Dining Hall, both of them include full nutrition information to identify vegetarian and vegan meals, as well as those that contain less than 100 calories and are low in fat. The University tries to reduce the use of chemicals, so it provides eco-friendly products. Online Menus are also available for students where they can choose the favorite food during the academic year.

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Yale University

Yale Dining is popular for its wide range of production and nice service. The menu includes cage-free eggs, antibiotic- and hormone-free beef and chicken. By the ways yoghurt here is also hormone-free. On the Yale’s website there is menu where students are able to filter diet restriction and choose appropriate meal before going to dine. There they also can find nutrition information and list with common allergens beside each pertinent meal. Student who has very busy schedule can make a pre-order and has a food packed for him/her.

University of Washington

The advantage of this university is that most of the products sold at the Washington Dining are grown on – campus at the farm.  All dairy produce is purchased locally including cage-free eggs as well. Those who want to find out more about nutrition content of their meals may read this information on the website. The Washington Dining strives to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, so there all food scraps are composed. Students also may bring reusable mugs and take a discount on each drink from the menu.

Boston University

The most striking thing about the Boston Dining is that students may eat here late at the Late Night Kitchen, which is open until 11 pm Monday-Wednesday and until 1 am Thursday – Saturday during study year. Every fall the university organizes the market where everyone can purchase seasonal produce from a local farm. The nutrition counseling is also held here covering the most interesting issues such as healthy meal planning, right food for exercise, weight management, measuring calories, carbohydrates and fats and iron-deficiency.

If the student is ill, the dining service offers a flue meal program; he/she can order a package online, which is then delivered to the purchaser by volunteers.

UCLA – The University of California: Los Angeles

It is one of the first health dining halls in the United States, where unprocessed, nutritious, local and organic meals are served to students. For those who like heartier food, Covel Commons provides you with delicious pasta, wood-fired pizza, grilled chicken, burgers and hotdogs. Here most to-go packing is also compostable or recyclable and cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel, what significantly reduce the environmental impact of food consumption.

Cornell University

30% of food sold at Cornell is regionally and locally-grown and produced. The Dining offers menu with plenty of options including ethnic and regional food, salad and omelet bars, kosher stations and create-your-own pancake bars. Each fall, the Risley Dining Hall organizes themed party dinner and other halls host akin celebrations with special style, meals and live music. Sustainability plays pivotal role at Cornell; students are able to get discounted coffee in return of reusable mugs.