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Top Tips on How to Get on with Your Flatmates

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As we all well know, students who wish to get the education at their country’s university, or travel abroad to study, leave their homes and families. They adjust to their new apartments, try to make friends with neighbors or flatmates, and begin a new life. For most freshers, it is truly a complicated task to get accustomed to the new environment and studying atmosphere. But fortunately, nowadays plenty of undergraduates share their experience of how to survive within during the studying period.

However, we are interested in another question: how to get along with roommates? To this, we would like to present you a few useful tips to get on with your flatmates and arrange a pleasant student life.

Tips to Become a Friendly Neighbor

Let’s check some helpful steps to make yourself the best flatmate:

  1. Choose carefully.

When you move to a new room or flat, it is advisable to choose your future neighbor carefully. Don’t agree immediately to the first offer, watch the students who will study with you and try to make friends with a few of them. In the process of communicating, you may find common interests and preferences, and hence a good roommate.

  1. Set out the house rules.

Before you move into a new apartment, think properly over the house rules. As soon as you arrive and get to know your roommate, discuss the responsibilities each of you will have. For example, both of you clean the flat twice a week, someone takes the rubbish, someone washes the bathroom, someone wipes the dust, etc. Such a method of sharing responsibilities is a good way to build trust relationships.

  1. Remember to be clean.

When you share the house with someone else, you should always keep track of your personal hygiene and cleanliness in your room. Because if you often leave much rubbish in the room, or forget to wash the dishes, another person will feel total discomfort and probably lose trust in you.

  1. Never argue with your roommate.

Living with another person means you need to be always ready to compromise and help each other. That’s why – becoming a nag might destroy your relationships. Of course, sometimes there may be really good reasons to criticize your neighbor or to bring the case to a conflict. However, such a thing as a common home and, accordingly, a common household should not be accompanied by screams and quarrels.

  1. Don’t steal.

Obviously, each flatmate has privacy, and therefore no one has the right to use their things or eat their food without permission. Would it be a disappointing or annoying fact for you that your neighbor takes from time to time your belongings without your knowledge? Definitely yes. But, if sometimes you really need something, just ask your housemate gently and get what you want.

  1. Don’t isolate.

It’s okay to be unsociable for both girls and boys, however, it doesn’t work when it comes to living with a neighbor. If you isolate yourself from your flatmate and never speak to him/her, it will be a great embarrassment. We understand that you or your roommate needs to work alone, meditate or have a rest from the outer world, but you should be polite and respectful with each other.

  1. Respect your flatmate.

Student life is full of exciting activities and parties. Usually, on the weekends, students come off to full and hang out until late night, and might return in the morning. If such a thing happens to you, try to be quiet and don’t bother your neighbor while drunk.