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Useful tools to deal with haters

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Why is it important to learn how to deal with haters? If you are achieving some results, if you are making your dreams come true, if you are successful there always can be people who eventually will throw dirt at you. Only those who do nothing in their lives can stay calm, nobody will touch them. If people see your results, which they can`t achieve, they start leaving negative comments on Amazon or your blogs. Such people are called haters. If you want to succeed then you should learn how to deal with them.

I know well what you feel in this case, as I have gone through this all by myself. You try to develop your business, you do hard work and you expect people to value your work, you expect to hear positive reviews and comments. And instead you find people who are not satisfied with what you are doing because you don`t want to share your profit with them.

It really takes much time and patience to deal with haters. Negativity is the feeling which you should overcome and it`s important to know how to do this. It`s difficult to realize who is going to offend you. You should deal much with yourself to know how to behave with the haters. If you do your best, you will achieve what you want. Today, we are going to look through the several tools which will help you deal with haters.

Ignore haters

Most of the haters are egoistic. It`s unlikely their behavior in social media and in real life will be the same. They see that you are famous and want to be the same, they want to be seen and noticed. Their main aim is to attract people`s attention. So the best solution here is just to ignore them.

You can pay attention to them if you want to grow their ego, if you want to destroy it then ignore them. This will show that you are not that kind of person who will argue or support the conversation and they won`t bother you again. People follow dialogues but no one is interested in monologues. So why to waste your time and pay attention to people you don`t really need in your life?

Feel important

If you have haters then you can celebrate it, seriously! This means you are important, you have achieved something that not all can achieve. You can win without beating somebody up and the same is with haters. They appear only when you make some progress. Nobody hates nobody – remember this.

If you understand why people behave good or bad, you start tolerate any behavior. You realize the nature of envy people and then you won`t be afraid of haters. If you understand why actually people hate their mad words will only make you proud of yourself.

Most people dislike you because you have succeeded at something they are not able to achieve high results at. They just want to be at your place doing nothing for that. Next time when you hear some mad words, remember that you are important!

Keep Your Advisors Close

Most haters are sure they know the way to success. Still if they haven`t achieved something, what`s the point to share their ideas? You shouldn`t take their words close to your heart. Everyone can criticize you but not everyone can give you a useful advice. You can find approximately 3 advisors who are really successful in your field of work. They will help you to distinguish criticism from hate.

Maintain focus

If you see the route then follow it, if you focus on the road then follow it, if you change your focus on the wall, then you`ll hit it. Think that you have written the book or created a product for people`s benefit, not for haters. They were not the reason you started and they shouldn`t make you stop.
Actually, you cannot comment and play the game at the same time. Remember that your time and energy is limited and wasting it on haters you can find out you don`t have it for fulfilling your goals.

Twist the Tweet – The Best Way to Fight Back

Hurting people creates the chain reaction. Don’t take haters` words seriously, if they wish you something bad then wish them something good. Don`t be at the same level with them.
We hope these five steps will be useful for you to deal with haters. Remember that you are a personality who has achieved something if you have haters.