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Why LinkedIn is Vitally Important for the Future Career of College Students

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We all know that for graduates it can be quite difficult and frustrating to find their first job. That is why it is very important to be prepared well before you start an active search for a job. Many think that to have an immaculate resume and substantial list of your academic or extracurricular accomplishments is more than enough; however, in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to go a little bit further. To secure yourself a dream job and to avoid any stress associated with the job search process, social professional networks, such as LinkedIn, can be very handy. Let’s see how correctly professional social platform can be used in order to bring maximum benefits to college students.

Posting a photo is important

Obviously, for some vacancies (e.g. freelancers) photo is not so important; however, very often Human Recourses specialists do wish to see the picture of a person who would like to work for the company. They prefer to see a human being and not only a list of accomplishments and titles of college papers. So if you do not mind posting a photo on your account, but just didn’t think that it is important, it’s better to go an extra mile and post your picture on your profile. But please don’t forget that your photo must be neutral and it should look professional.

Detailed but relevant info about your coursework

It is important for employers to know what exactly you have been working on. They need to identify which area you are most inclined to work in, and by this to figure out whether you are of interest to them or not. Information needs to be detailed enough; however, you need to make sure that data listed is relevant to the field that you would like to choose in the future. This will save your time and time of those who consider you a potential candidate.

Extracurricular activities

This might not seem to be necessary information to be mentioned, but HR specialists do pay attention to this. Activities that you took part at some point when you studied can help potential employers spot a gem in you, i.e. a person they are really looking for.


You can increase your chances to land yourself a job by mentioning references. They do not have to be from employers solely, but they can be from teachers or professors who know you well, and most importantly, who know your strong points and would be happy to tell about them to your potential employers. If you provide a list of professors who they can refer to regarding your expertise, it gives employer understanding that you are a serious person and you get higher chances to land yourself a job.

Contacting employers you would like to work for

A great thing about LinkedIn is that it can work both ways. Employers can find you, but also you can contact them yourself. You can ask them for professional advice or let them know that you are really eager to work for them by offering to work free of charge for a certain time.

Employers do need graduates without experience

It is a well-known fact that those who seek their first job are convinced that they won’t be able to land yourself a job easily, as there are more experienced professionals on the market. However, there is a vast amount of employers who look for those without experience. As long as a job seeker shows the passion to work in the chosen field and a desire to work for the particular employer, it can be of interest to those who want to hire, even though the potential candidate has no job experience at all.

Job search sometimes can be tricky and particularly daunting for those who do this for the first time. Using such social professional network like LinkedIn can make this process much easier, and trying to use our tips can make a job search enjoyable, and, most importantly, fruitful.