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You Are Not as Inexperienced as You May Think

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Young people, especially students, are full of enthusiasm and expectations about their future. Applying for a dream job just after college is thrilling and overwhelming. It seems that there are some other candidates with a lot more experience that will cut you off. Luckily, it is not always the case.

Lack of job experience doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer the employer and the company. Before starting a resume think what knowledge and skills you have gained while studying in school or college and about your personal life experience. During the studies, you have practiced writing research essay, report and review, taken part in deferent contests and science fairs. Think of how this background can be transferred into the abilities that the employer is looking for.

  • Knowing other languages is a big plus. Especially if you have studied anything on your own – it shows purposefulness at work and willingness for self-development. All school and college classes gave necessary basis such as: literacy, wide outlook, cultural development and many other skills that will be useful for any job. Participating in extracurricular classes and progressing in hobbies gave a chance for revealing hidden talents. Mention them and the way they will be useful for the particular position you are applying for. Knowledge of computer programming or simply ability to work with Photoshop, WordPress and other software is definitely worth mentioning.
  • Don’t forget to say about your active social life: leadership, help with academic writing or math in school, volunteering, etc. For an employer it signals about thoughtful time management, leadership talent and experience of working for the prosperity of the community. It means that you can find time for studying, self-development and social life. Being active and full of enthusiasm makes you a perfect candidate that every employer is looking for.
  • Achievements in sports contribute to the improvement of image. It means that the candidate knows how to work in a team and has a craving for victory and success. Try to connect hobbies and off-class activities to needed characteristics for the position as much as possible.
  • The life has prepared you as well. The personal background, environment, straggles and strides you have faced during the life added some special features to the character.

Make a Research on the Opening

In order to write a successful resume, it is absolutely necessary to study the position you are applying for. It means looking thoroughly at all the personal and professional characteristics mentioned in the description of the opening. Make a research about the place you’ve decided to work in. May be some facts from life that you have forgotten will pop up and be successfully applied.

Lack of Job Experience Doesn’t Mean Lack of Talent

Don’t be afraid to compliment yourself a little bit. Mention personal qualities – forget about underestimating. Show the features that make you worthy this position. Stored life experience is unique for everyone. Lack of professional experience and practice can be easily substitute by knowledge and activities in other fields. That what will make you stand out among other candidates. The opponents may have more job experience, thought, be not as creative and fresh-minded as you are.

Catch your originality

Instead of thinking what abilities and skills are absent in your arsenal, recollect all the strong points. If you do lack some experience that is necessary don’t be discouraged. Mention in the cover letter, that deficiency of some characteristics won’t come into the way of achieving great results and progress at work, as you have strong will for studying and self-development. Being eager to work and demonstrating your personal growth should be convincing.

Never stop developing: try to learn new skills – it will help in further beginnings and job promotions. You just never know what the recruiter can catch in the resume that will make you a perfect candidate. That is why try your best to expose yourself in all the perspectives.
We hope this page is informative and helpful for the first step towards your career prospering path.